Tuesday, January 15, 2013

wordless for becoming wednesday

now I miss you, stress. 

wrap up last session (2012/2013)

Assalamualaikum w.b.t to my future me.

Here you go.

#listen, (it's trending now) .I'll tell you about your sumpah-scary-assesment that happened last semester.

During assessment, in front of 5 panels stare at you like piranha waiting for the right time to bites, you were starts with greet and introducing yourself. Even though you had passed it like +/- 3 times, you were quite nervous but it's normal, prove that you are human.

Before I proceed, you had done 2 projects for this semester which were head phone and hair dryer. You may take a look at your sketches, mock up, reports(oh, hopeless) and models that I kept all those stuff at the studio in case you had forgotten.

Basically you were presenting extremely fast, about 3 minutes for 2 projects. Thats really you but, sistahh! you really need to slow it down.

cik kamal said, you seems doesn't show the excitedness(em I rite?) in describing about your products, you did not telling others how you transfer from your inspiration to a line. The process. How you came out with the concept. It's important. You cant simply design a product like because you like to design something. The product that you design will be used by others, not only you. Remember, not going to fast next time.

Added, about the colors. Show how you came out with the color/s, why and the details itself.

idk, each and every presentation you will go out with smiley face. I dont think its pretended-action. You know, you are me, I am you. Panels did give you harsh comment such as, 'kau ni kreatif, tapi kreatif tempat lain, tengok ni macam boomerang, macam pisau pemotong, blabla" and "aku suruh buat lain kau buat lain", " panel kau ni kecik la, memang taknak bagi orang nampak eh?", "ni apa ni, siku aku ke? look, now u see black part, and now u see white part" "wau, it's actually 2 tones. no lah, its 3 tones" "mat, kau tengok budak ni punya LK, sebijik je view"

(ketawa) when I was writing above perenggan, I started laughing. and act its not really harsh, it were happen in joke-situation. and you were laugh together with them.

oh, damn, u were laughing on your own work.

cakap pasal LK, it reminds me of detail drawing. you are designer, you design a product. from customer's briefing to a mood board. Every stage that you take after that process u need to be conscious. Why you do that, to whom, what colors and so on. You really need to be detail. after u arrive at final concept. u need to do detail drawing, the drawing that shows others about your product, the buttons, finishes, where to place and so on. every detail that can be. including, assembling product, where u can place the screw. Like every each aspect of the product you need to consider.

Two more advices, do procrastinate and don't ask lecturer nor discussing with others about your project. Dare to do. If you know what I meant.

cik mat once said, where are you now? are still at darat, or already in the boat, or snorkeling or diving trough the ocean. at what stage of design u are? dan kau masih mentah, baru nak kenal apa itu design.

work hard kawan.


Monday, January 14, 2013

Newton's Third Law

 cc: Voice

Every action has reaction. #listen